Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stories out again

I managed to get 14 stories out. Which includes my 101st one. I didn't expect to do that one yet but needed one under 500 words. It's 496, I can add a few words to make it over 500 when I need to.

Would have been more stories out but Strange Horizons is now on a restricted diet, only so many calories,  hmm, that is stories per day.  Saturday they reached their limit in one hour, today it was seven hours. I was going to try this morning but forgot. Hopefully tomorrow morning.

And Weird Tales is in a strange limbo.

And I found New Worlds once but couldn't find it again.

And four to six markets are closed to subs. One opens next month.

Some on hatrack have talked about rewriting an old story. I've thought about doing that with a few stories but I just have to get to it. Most of my original stories I like and I think would be good reads if I can get the writing down.

It would be a whole lot easier to rewrite a story than trying to fix the writing from way back then even though I have been doing that with a couple of stories over the years including my very first one.

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