Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Been sick no writing until today.

I didn't do much work on my novels or stories. This cold or flu had me sleeping a lot. Or dozing since a cough had me waking up at different times. I did some good writing on Friday and maybe some on Saturday but it's Tuesday and I'm just getting back into it this afternoon.

Then pink eye filled my eyes with discharge so I had problems seeing things clearly. I did some things online but no real writing,

All that is clearing up so I feel better and can see clearly so I felt like writing on my New Mage novel. It should have been all the way finished months ago but I still have chapters two and three to finish rewriting and Ch1 to clear up.

But that might take longer then anticipated, I'm having problems with Ch2. I know what I want to say but not the order.  I introduce a couple of my MCs friends and tell some of her background,  that I hinted at in Ch1, but that was getting kinda long.  So I decided to expand on a fight she had with werewolf a few years before which is how she got the scars on her arms and a later battle with a martial arts knife fighter who didn't like mages. I may just write as I go instead of moving masses of sentences around and I can delete those I don't need anymore.

Oh changing the title to "Two Struggles". It fits better,  even though it's not what I want it's closer. I may use New mage On The Blog for another one later.

My goal for next week is to get back to my regular schedule. Not sure how many words I write each day, depends on the day of the week and how much I procrastinate but I need to do a whole lot less of that this next week or two.

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