Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More on writing

I wanted to enter the Jim Baen Memorial contest but I didn't send in a story after all. I had one that would fit what they wanted but it needed more work than I thought so I didn't get it done in time.

Thought it was one of my better written stories too but...

I had another story that with a little bit of tweaking could fit into the time table they wanted but that one is going to WotF.

Spent some time on revising a new story, posted it on the Baen Bar over at Baen publishing. There's a forum were you can do that and get crits. I got a few shorter crits. And finally going over them. It's a short, short story, a bit over 1,000 words but now it will be even longer. I needed to clarify some stuff. Not to mention clean up a bunch of nitpicks. (Sigh)

Working on the one line stories I referenced in an earlier post.  The second one is over two thousand words but the third might be around 1,000. The first one is a bit under 1,000. For the challenge they needed to be less than 1,500 but I don't have that restriction even though I'm trying to keep them under 2,000. I'm almost done with the third so I will start the forth Friday or Monday.  I might end up with eight stories and I'll see about E-publishing them in one set but we shall see. I may try a couple of markets that like shorter stories. 

Working on a new novel and redoing one other, I mentioned it already. I have an idea on how to get the money to have a novel or two professionally edited and to have a pro cover done. More on that in a later post.

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