Thursday, February 16, 2012

Still an update

Been going to bed a bit early still so not so much writing and criting. But I had a sudden thought about my new novel "Stone Within". Something that would change the plot a lot, shift the paradigm. At first I rejected it but kept thinking about it and planning it out. So Starting with chapter three I am introducing a ten year girl, not sure if I can think like a troubled, rejected, not sure who to trust young woman but I guess I'm going to give it a try.

Need to work on my next WotF story, need to send out some stories--got one back today, literally. They must have had a change of address. Need to go online and see if they are still in business and need to send one to F&SF this Saturday.

Want to write a letter to the editor but when I have the time, in the evening, too many other things to do. Maybe Saturday, Sunday or Monday since it's a holiday.

And I want to redo that story for Universe annex one more time. Thought the last was it but one or two people said something that may mean a change or two.

And I checked my nemesis received a First place in WotF. Wonder when she is going to come out with her first book. Wonder if I will be even close to where she is now or even close to where she was when I last new her online. Doesn't look like it if God doesn't step in. I'm still forgetting things, people are telling me basic things I should have gotten years ago, still mediocre  Just can't break through that level.  

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