Saturday, February 25, 2012

First chapter challenge

I may have joined a new challenge on hatrack. I say may have because I’m having problems getting a chapter down to the right length. 3,000 words, ugh most of mine are over 5,000. And (Looking to the right and left and behind me to make sure no one is listening) I don't see why it has to be only 3,000. It's easy to figure out why it shouldn't be long and even why all should be about the same size but 3,000 words-- it's a novel, maybe 3,500 to 4,000 instead. But it's not my challenge so I go by the rules. 

I tried to get New Mage- New Title Two Struggles-- down to 3,000 but no way. Not even close. So now I am working on the first chapter of my new novel Stone Within. Only have to cut 1,600 words or so. I think I can do that even if I have to cut it past the bone just for this challenge. 

Still need to check the length of the First of Angel Kin though.

I must say that both New Mage and Stone With chapters needed cutting so this isn’t a waste of time it will improve both novels. Especially New Mage--Two Struggles. As I’ve said that one is done, I am trying to rewrite chapters two and three to get things ready for publication one way or another. Of all my UF novels I still think it’s my best over all. Now Chapter one is even better. I may not have much more to do it outside of commas and nitpicks of course. 

Oh a PS I really need something better than Two Struggles but at least that describes the tale better. 

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