Sunday, February 5, 2012

A few things for one post

A number of points here.

Started another novel "Night Mage". Not sure when I will be writing on it but I can say it’s started. Actually, I started it a few months ago but couldn't get past the first couple of sentences. Too many was-s and had-s which a No Nos. Today I saw a cover on a book at B&N which gave me an idea. Just changed my MC’s local from street level to high atop a skyscraper. It’s a UF story. And no even with that title he's not a vamp.

Adding a PS to my 100th story post. I have anywhere from six to eleven stories that need revising. Two have been sitting waiting for a few months. I remembered another story I need to finish. It’s probably 80 per cent done. So I will be way past 100 stories in a couple of months.

Discovered my nemesis is in Writer’s of the Future 27. I must have read her story even though I will have to go back and find the story to recall which one it was. I’ve talked about her before a couple of times but for those who are new or have forgotten I call her my nemesis for two reasons. One is that she doesn’t like my writing. She has critted a few of my stories and always tore the writing apart... no holding back, blood all over the place. I’ve read what she has said about other writers and it’s never half as bad as with mine. Second reason: When I used to spend time on the Universe Annex forum she was where I thought I should be. I’ve never really felt that way about any other writer. Well, kinda that way with one pro and a tiny bit that way now and then with other writers close to my level but no one else this bad. I stopped reading her Yahoos even as I still read others. Obviously she is a good writer and the story in 27 has to be great. But I knew that back then when I critted a couple of her stories. There wasn’t much I could say about it. 

I sent Dean Wesley Smith an E-mail with a title for a story. He likes to write stories after coming up with the title and he doesn’t mind people sending in titles. He sent a thank you and a keep up the great work. Wonder what he meant. Yeah, I know I am over thinking that but that’s because I want to explain my first two thoughts. If he’s talking about my writing as it seems I wouldn’t say it’s great, and is he just being nice or polite since he wouldn’t know. But if he’s talking about sending in story titles :)  or  working on my writing he may have a point. At least I have that last down. I keep learning, keep trying to make it better. That doesn’t seem to be doing much but I keep writing and working on it.   

Seemed like there was something else I wanted to say so there might be a PS some time soon. 

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