Sunday, January 22, 2012

And one more update

Okay, I am working on chapter two of New Mage. Making headway.

Working on revising those mini stories that aren't. :)   One is up to 2,300 plus words. That one will be going out soon after I send it to be critted by a couple follow hatrackers. Mostly checking for nitpicks even though I probably will make some changes.

One story is still out, or is it two?

One story is at Baen's Universe Annex slush forum over at Baen's Bar. It's a way for them to check out new writers and help them make a story better, before they buy it. It's been critted and I can't believe what I let get by. I mean nitpicks. (Shakes Head) I just don't see them and it makes my frustrated. I should be able to find most of them.

There's another story I want to send out.

But there are four to six stories that are 500 minus words that are more general fiction and I'm not sure where to send them. Very simple tales that still might entertain... for a few seconds.

Seven of the 13 I sent out just before Christmas are still out. And I should be sending out another six but I can't remember to get them ready. Here by ready I mean formatted correctly and all that.

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