Sunday, January 22, 2012

Me a Storyteller?

I mentioned this in my last post and thought I would explain it. I've referenced this before one or three times and probably will another one or three times... at least.  :)

But for those who are new, at least two of my followers and maybe- hopefully-- some readers, a few years ago Dean Wesley Smith called me and said among other things that I am a natural born storyteller. He said it more than once-maybe if I recall correctly more than twice. I had to learn something first but I should be soon selling. Well, even though I think he got part of that wrong-- of course that is supposing that I have learned at least some of what he said I needed to-- I still take what he said seriously. Especially that the story telling part has been supported by what a few others have stated about my writing. Not quite the same words but still along those lines.

So I call my self a natural born story teller.

Hmmm, maybe I should change my name to the trails and tribulations of a StoryTeller.  :)

Oh a side issue, could some of you readers but not followers make a comment or three? It would be neat to know you are really out there, not to mention having some comments too.  :)

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