Saturday, January 14, 2012

WotF update

 No on the story they are looking over however.

But on the one I am doing for their next quarter contest, otherwise known as Q2-'12 or with the '12 first.

I belong to two groups on Hatrack that will be checking it over, hopefully it won't need too much work I really don't want to go over too many more times... it's sad.

Maybe I shouldn't say it yet but I'm proud of this story, it might be one of my best with the writing and the story. But we shall see about the writing, I've thought that before. I've noticed a couple of little glitches, hopefully they are not really bad. WotF doesn't seem to mind one or two little writing or story telling mistakes. Commas are another matter but I feel like they better be better then usual for me but we shall about that too. 

And Yes I think story telling is different from writing even though they are intertwined.

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