Sunday, January 22, 2012

Book I'm reading

Started-- finally, I don't have to hold out anymore-- reading "One Salt Sea" by Seanan McGuire. Yippy.

Some how I've gotten a stack of books to read. Usually I've only two or three books inline to read but it's like ten and it has stayed that amount for four months at least. So I had to wait to get to this one even though it's one that has been calling me. In fact I did skip one book to read this one now.

And I got here earlier than usual I just started it today. I usually don't get to this until I'm at least half way through a book.

McGuire      is one of my top favorite writers. I want to be a story teller-and I have been told I am a storyteller-- on her level. And this series is one of my favorites of all I am reading. Well, there's one small thing McGuire introduced last book that took the series down a quarter notch. But still it's up there. 

If you like mysteries in an UF adventure setting with twists where you never know what will happen next, you will love this series. Sometimes not so happy endings for everyone too. 

Well, again there is one thing I wasn't sure why McGuire introduced at the beginning that I'm not sure about the why of, she doesn't really do much with it so far. I know one reason why it is there but still as a helpless old romantic I wish it wasn't and as I said it is used very little. But I can overlook it.

And whoa looks like she has a new series coming out. A light hearted one by the title. Hope it doesn't take the place of Daye or even slow them down. But I will look it over. 

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