Sunday, May 26, 2013

Update May 26

  I was able to do some work on my to be E-published novel during the memorial day weekend but I rediscovered something. Chapter two needs a lot more work than I recalled and I somehow lost the connection or bridge to ch. 3. I had been thinking I could be done with Two this weekend but now it might take at the very least two more weeks with the other stuff I am working on.

    Of course the  WotF Q3 story can wait, since I have another month to do it. I just have one more crit, could be two soon, to go over. I thought I had most if not all of the misspelled words fixed but evidently I added a bunch more. I have no other stories to crit at this time, that could change soon though. All that means that I should have some time to work on the novel this week combined with what I get done on Memorial Day maybe I could be done with the chapter in one week but we shall see. 

    One problem is that I could use help with Chapters Two and Three. In both I have some of the background and previous adventures of my MC. It’s hard to figure out where to put that info. I originally had most of it in ch. One but it made that chapter way too long and broke up the adventure she was having. So I placed most of that in ch. Two but yet again it still made it way too long and broke up the progression of the story. Some of it can be fed to the reader a bit at a time over the length of the book. I have noticed that published writers do that. But which details and exactly where do they go? 

    That is the problem I am having, the rest of the novel is Okay--well, I’m sure there are many writing issues but at least I know where things go and how to do the scenes. I could really use some help with those chapters Two and Three though.  Preferably by a published writer but I doubt I’m going to be getting such so I guess I will just march on. 

One more thing about this week. I belong to a writer’s forum that has a challenge every year. The winner gets the latest Writer’s of the Future Anthology--number 29 in this case-one that is signed by the top winner. For those who don’t know WotF has three winners every quarter but they also have one top winner every year. 29’s top winner is going to sign the book for the winner of the challenge. For those who haven’t been reading this blog for long I gave up on all of the challenges put on by this forum. There’s usually five or so per year. I got tired of landing on the bottom most of the time. The rest of the time I landed in the middle.  Obviously they don’t think much of my writing and/or stories. Which is normal, editors don’t either thing much of my writing either. 

Anyway, the entries are down this year, which is a surprise, they usually have a ton for this challenge. So I thought maybe I will give it a try. Just have to write a story by May 31 having to do with 12 seconds--anything at all. That premise was chosen because the top winner’s story is titled “12 Seconds”. I will think on it and see if I can get something I think is unique. I figure it will be a thousand words or less, which gives me time to write it and revise it. I may have to put aside the stories I am working on at the moment-which includes that novel--but I think I can do it. But I have done that before so it’s not a big deal, except for the novel. (Shoulder shrug), it’s a challenge and I like to take on writing challenges--and sometimes other types. But we shall see what I come up with. I could cheat, I have one story that could have 12 seconds added in without changing the main story. 

In a previous update I mentioned how many stories I have out. Make that one less. One market most have changed their address while I wasn’t looking, so I need to find the new one and resend that story next week. Along with a new story to F&SF.  Oh, that reminds me I also have to revise that story this week. I have done some work on it and I don’t think it needs a lot more so it probably doesn’t need much more. 


Seems like there was something else I could say but can’t recall what right now so more than likely there will be a PS as usual.  

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