Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yet another april 27 PS

Forgot to say in my last long note that I spent sometime today doing me stuff online.

I bought 10 songs from iTunes, took some time to search them out. Found out they now have all of the Love Song albums.  I assume most of you do not know who they are. They are who could be the very first CCM band to be recorded. Back then it was called Jesus Music. I can't say for sure they were the first because they were less known groups and a couple back East who recorded about then but they had to be close to the first--most well known at the time. Today they sound like they have country flavor to many of their songs and at least one album was listed as Pop not CCM. Few songs that could called rock I believe but yet most people loved them. Great words and some great music too even though not as good as many today.

And I spent time online along with my Nook to finally buy one E-book and one E-story I have been trying to remember to get for months. I ended up with four. One I think is from another E-writer, even though I don't know them. The first two I do know through the WotF forum. I also bought one pro book for 2.99. I wanted another one also but couldn't find it this time around.

However. I ended up forgetting three other E-books, all from writers on the hatrack Forum.

  This is writing related because I spent time doing that instead of writing, might have finished that one story I referenced last note if I hadn't but I finally kept a promise and got something I've been wanting awhile.

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