Sunday, May 12, 2013

Writing update May 12

Okay another update, as I mentioned in my last post.

As I said I sent in nine stories Saturday-three by snail mail six by internet. Would have been ten but got blocked at Asimov’s. Sheila Willaims finally rejected my last story so I decided to go ahead and send one now. But when I went online to send the story I found they had my old E-mail address which isn’t anymore. I searched but couldn’t find anyway to change it, I went over certain pages three times and couldn’t find anything. I might have zoomed by something obvious or something a little subtle but I still couldn’t find anyway. I sent an E-mail asking help. 

One of the snail mail markets is one I haven’t sent a story to for over a year. It wants specfic types of stories. Most of mine do not fit, but every now and then I write one I think might be close to what they want. I have two, this one I sent and another that is sort of the same. 

Got back a crit for my Wotf Q3 tale. The critiquer really marked nitpicks. The last three critters found five or six this person found that many per paragraph in some places. Going to be busy fixing them all. A glance makes it looks like a lot of them are commas. 

A holiday is coming up, I may go out on a lunch and shopping date with my wife and a couple of other things but I might be able to spend three to five hours working on revising one of those novels that I need to work on. 

Probably will be a PS or two. 

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