Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Update on WotF

For those new here that is Writers of the Future contest. HERE

For those who may not know:
They have four contests per year one every quarter.

They give out rejections--the big R--Honorable Mentions, Sliver HMs, semi-finalist, finalist and First, Second, Third winner each quarter. The first three get certificates finalists and maybe SF get a full critique   the three place winners get cash and get in the yearly anthology they put out. We are working on number 30 right now.

I have received four HMs over four years. The rest were rejections.

So I am working with two writing forums whose members send in stories. Hatrake  and WotF

So all that to say:

I think mine is good writing--maybe not my best but close-but I've thought that before. Once one critter agreed with me even though an editor hasn't yet.

It has try-fail cycles, setting, the five human senses--even though evidently David thinks there seven of them--a clear problem and hopefully a fine conclusion. And maybe that extra something that makes it great writing--we shall see though.

But speaking of best writing I am critting one story for a fellow and it could be his best. It needs a little tweaking but it's great. Just the type of story they want too. It has a different setting--well developed. Which is all I will say about it. After that last book coming out I suspect they will be receiving even more stories with unique settings so nothing there for them to see. In either case I am very glad I read it and I want more there whatever they think of it. In fact I threatened to write my own story in that world if he didn't and since my writing isn't up to his that is a threat.

David is the first judge he decides which ones are finalists which go to a group of pros writers who make the final call. So to impress him first and he decides one HMs etc.

Oh he thinks my term will come.

Maybe he thinks I should go into politics?????

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