Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something different-Music

Just something different here.

Sometimes I mention my music--that is what I like, I don’t play--even though most of the time I discuss writing. 

I spent an evening last week looking through Petra’s music on iTunes. I noticed I have three different songs by them that talk about Jesus being the Rock and I hoped to find more. I didn’t but I did end up buying six songs. Niice, a couple I don’t recall ever hearing before. And I have another two or three albums to go through..someday.

I’ve listened to them for years-decades and love their style of rock. They are my all time favorite band.  Sometimes I say they are my favorite  No Longer Together band but it’s really my all time favorite. Casting Crowns are my still together top favorite but as good as they sing and their songs are they don’t have Petra’s style. 

Of course I don’t like all Petra’s songs but most have just the right style for my tastes. And what they sing about is great too. For a while they were producing albums like crazy, sometimes two or three a year. I got to see half of one of their concerts once. It was a concert with two other singers and I had to leave early so I got maybe half of their normal concert. Better than nothing. I keep praying though that they will have a reunion tour and come here. 

A few months ago I upgraded one singer to one of my favorites. Jeremy Camp I’ve heard his stuff on the radio for years but never really put it all together. Nice singer and I liked one album I bought. Finally though I bought his “I still Believe: The Number Ones Collection”. 16 of his Number One hits. Which is why it really is “Number Ones”. His singing on most of them were great. Definite rock but at the same time some of his songs have a heavy metal flavor. I usually don’t go for heavy metal but those songs of Camp’s are my favorites. The way he sings them and the words fuse to make something really good.  His newest album, “Reckless” is great too, I love it. 

So he is now my favorite single singer. I missed a concert he had here too. UGH. But he was with eight other bands and I just didn’t have the time to take a whole evening off to see them all. I would have had to get there at least two hours before to get a half way decent seat and the concert probably took at least five hours with nine singers.  One bad thing about being an adult.  :)  

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