Friday, April 12, 2013

April 5 update PS

Still close enough to my last update to be a PS, for me.


I started a new story yesterday at work. Git a little bored with my two novels, thought of a short first sentence and went with it. I did 162 words in it yesterday,

Just under 1000 words today--another of my Urban Alchemist tales. This makes four I believe, all about the same guy and all with different MCs. None are him. Two or three are flash but this one and one with a plague of gnomes are significantly over. Well, that last one will be when I get around to typing it out. It's hand written on note paper now. I've thought seriously about putting them all in a set for E-publishing. 

Of course nothing on the publishing front. Lost a micro contest, not sure what I did wrong. My story didn't seem that much worse than the two that won. Probably just too mediocre.

One other writer said my turn will come--sounded almost like Dean Wesley Smith but.,.. I have improved but just can't get past that mediocre stage.

Good thing I like writing-- I won't give it up even if I decide to stop sending them in. At least now  I have another option..e-publishing.  Before it was just putting them up on the free sites, I know a few readers will like my stories. 

Been working less on my novel revisions again. I needed to revise two stories--one for WotF and thought I could do both but so far only worked on the stories. Oh, also reading and critting a couple other stories by other writers. At least I can help them win at WotF. 

I'm forgetting something and it's late so there could be another PS soon. 

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