Monday, April 8, 2013

Music PS

I forgot to do this in my last note. These are links to the band and singer I mentioned in my last post. The links lead to the iTunes store and if you are interested in hearing any samples of their music you will probably have to sign up to iTunes.


Jeremy Camp

While I was at it I also listed these three. Degarmo and Key is my second favorite not together band, They are definitely rock even though a different style than Petra.
Degarmo & Key

Third day is what I think of as a fusion of Country and Rock or Rock with a country flavor. Very nice.
Third Day

I think this group is listed as more or less rock even though not quite like the first two groups I linked to. The new Newsboys--new lead singer with two albums--are to me a fusion of rock and Urban. I don't know what the official definition is but I love this new style they have. Their older stuff is not bad at all but for me these last two albums are their best. Not counting "In The Hands Of God" which is suppose to be more like 70s rock and roll.

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