Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update March 23--forgot to do name change

 I want to say that yeah, I got busy with stories and forgot to change the name here.

As anyone who has read these post knows, if you're new obviously you won't, I enter the Writers of the Future short story contest. There's a link to the side on this blog.  They have four contests each year, Quarters 1 through 4.

I entered Q1 which we just got back the results.

Because of an E-mail address change I didn't get a result. I sent them a note about it but I may have used the wrong E-mail address or it got lost in a clog of E-mails. So no notice.

They have Honorable Mentions--Sliver HMs--Semi-finalist--Finalist and First, second and third place winners. They announced the Finalists  which I am not one of. I don't know if they announce the Simi-s any place. So while possible I could have gotten one of the lower ratings I doubt it. It's my writing after all and no matter how hard I try I'm still stuck half way up a mountain.

I have received three other rejections this week--did get my second personal note from Fantasy and Science Fiction. About five years ago John Joseph Adams gave me a nice note. This time its' from Scot P. and Not So Much--
The MC is named Tony
"I doubt Tony expected the request to defeat an evil wizard after a fine bacon breakfast." 

Finally got started on revising my novels. Worked some on my Two Struggles still having problems with chapter two though. When do I put in info about the MC and where she lives, her background etc?
The NaNo or SC--Now titled "Second Career"-novel is going smooth but yet it will take longer than I had hoped if the rest of it is like the first chapter. 

Might be a PS later


  1. Good luck with your revisions. Hope it goes well!

  2. Thanks,

    and BTW I'm not sure how far down you have to scroll or if you feel like searching for it but I do talk more about those two novels in previous posts.

    But Two is finished and the first half has been critted by a couple of is those crits I am working through now.


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