Saturday, March 30, 2013

PS update and one change

I managed to finish two chapters.

Chapter two of Two Struggles: had to take out some background and changed a few phrases to how I think my MC would talk. Still not sure if its better but at least it's not as complicated.

And chapter one of Second Career. It's longer which is good and I hope clearer with the five human senses.

I also sent in four stories today. That means I have eight out. Maybe nine Oh it is nine forgot about WotF. So maybe it's ten.

If anyone is interested they can read one of my stories if you want to join Baen's Bar and check out the Baen Universe section.  This story is one of my simple stories. Some of my longer ones are better--I hope.

Baen's Bar

Oh yes someone suggested I make the middle section of my blog wider...I did. I didn't know you could, amazing. And the left side should be a tiny bit less wide.

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