Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update--March 16

Maybe this one should be in green letters...;)

So I finally started working on those two novels I want to get done indie-ized. E-pubbed that is. :)

Earlier I found had this problem:

Drat....and something stronger.

I was going to start revising-using crits from other writers- one of my novels I should have been working on three months ago. I found the original copy but I'm sure I have a version that has a couple of pages already done. Can't find that one. By that time I ran out of time...mostly. 

Maybe tomorrow I can figure out what is going on--could be my memory is playing tricks...

But I found the right copy disguised a crit. I had finished ch 1 and started 2 tonight. 

On person commented on the amount of descriptions and explanations. Yeah, I think they're right even though I have cut down on them.. Now, I cut the description of the apartment my MC lives in. I will cut even more on other details. I knew I was having problems with too much explainations and descriptions on side issues, that why I needed some help with chapters two and three. There are things I want said but trying to figure out where they go an dhow to say them in shorter ways is one of my weak points. But I will get this novel done. Most of it is okay I think but I may need to go over these two chapters some more and more. 


Also finished the first revision of the prologue of my SC novel. The book I did for NaNo in '12. So now comes the hard part. 


This week I sent off another new story to Fantasy and Science Fiction. I hope Stephen or Scott likes it enough to comment on it or send it up to Van Gelder. Evidently he does make comments.

Still have six to ten stories to revise and prepare to send it out. 

I need to keep checking on Analog and Asimov's for both have my old E-mail address as well as Beneath Ceaseless Skies and Daily Science Fiction but those last two don't post updates on each story as Asimov's and Analog does.They give short one word updates on where the story is in the pipeline. 
Not sure about writing any new stories at the moment for I'm concentrating on those two novels, but there is one more I want to do at work.  As well as working on two novel WIPs there.

More later

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