Thursday, March 28, 2013

PS on last update.

Working on one of those novel revisions more than the other. Almost done with the first chapter. I added quiet a few words, deleted a few, changed a few sentences. Even though I really don't want it to be it might be more for Middle school and high schools boys than the general public. A lot of fighting and strange creatures. But they need good books too.

Working on two WIPs at work

Right now One MC is just getting into a fight with a head high griffin. The other is fighting an orc and might be given a special sword by her new friend-mentor even though she doesn't know about the last. But I'm not sure, I have another character who I thought about being her secret angel teacher but he is also one of the two guys she starts to like. 


One MC found that climbing a tree didn't help to escape the griffin, but she is without realizing it yet, understanding the thing. Other MC was just given a very special sword to help fight that orc. It's not any certain famous swords but it wasn't made for humans.

Also revising a story I wanted to send out this week end but it needs more work and is kinda long. It's my relationship tale that happens to have a vampire, tough female police officer and low powered wizard in it. So next week I will send it out.

And Sunday I did a couple hundred on a new novel. Well, sort of novel. I would whether it be a short story but it might be a long one whenever I get her done. But I'm working on it as a spare when I'm not sure what else to write on. I have another one like that which probably will be a novel.

Today I worked on my two work WIPs around 800 to 1,000 words.

And a couple hundred new words on a story I'm revising at home. I want to send it out this weekend but it needs more work that usual. Extra words, sentences that aren't clear, some are hard to know which character it is about, etc. And it's kinda long. I wrote it at work but it needs more fixing than usual for that too.

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