Sunday, March 3, 2013

My reading "The Iron Wyrm Affair"

I'm reading two.

I restarted reading the last WotF anthology and started "The Iron Wyrm Affair" by Lilith Saintcrow ---her name fits the genre. 

It is a fusion of steampunk and Urban Fantasy. Not bad so far. The first chapter has a great action scene and explains some of what is going on. I little bit heavy on the steampunk devices for me but still not bad. It is an interesting world Saintcrow has come up with. I do want to learn more about it. 

I've read the Rogue Wizard series by K. E. Mills which also is Steampunk-UF but in that case it was more UF this one has more steampunk. 

But we shall see how it goes, I expect  that I will buy the next one in the series.  


  1. Rumplestiltskin on lead! LOL

    Great news about all that writing.
    Please send me your email addy again. I accidently boxed the wrong cat, er checked the wrong box. I promise I'll be good and put it in Pandora's box next time.
    Thank you, cyg, aka carole

  2. oh re reading, I'm reading Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell and loving it. A hoot!
    Next week back to writing.

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    Looks like Blogger won't let me contact you.
    Seems like there was a link here someplace with my E-mail on it.

  4. Hmm, I don't know if you can see it but up top near where the sign in button is.

  5. It shows my email there. The fae hid it, the fae hid it!
    Sneaky winged creatures. They must have been drunk on the dust...LOL

    write me at Thanks!

    cyg,! LOL

  6. Oh I checked the allow to message me button so you can try that too if you wish
    Happy days. Happy writing and reading!!

  7. I sent you an E-mail.

    And I should have remembered it was you. I tried to do it the easy way and it didn't work and I forgot you are the one in jail there.

    Or so it looks like. :)


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