Monday, March 11, 2013

Interesting dream

Interesting--I entered a mini fiction contest, 200 words or less. Since I have been doing a bunch of minis twice in the last six months and since a 50 word story received a HM in a different contest I thought I would enter.
I had to do three tries before I got one under 200 words. The first two are just under and just over 500. I put in too many of the five human senses...still have one more attempt to do another mini even though it's too late for the contest.
That's not the interesting part, it's the lead up. 
This is:
 I had a dream about the mini contest last night. 

I read the winning stories--actually I only got to three before I woke. Don't ask me what they were about I don't recall even though I remember actually reading three. 

In the dream they placed each story on a different page. The first one was either 194 or 174 words and was third place or first. The second one I read didn't say, the third one-174 words-confused me because right in the middle of it they put in two lines. Between the lines was a statement that this person had won a life time achievement award-I don't know where he placed in the contest. But he had entered a lot of times. And afterwards I realized that there was more of the story above that announcement, After I read the whole thing I realized why he got a life time award. His story was actually two. Most words were the usual black even though a few were red. The red ones told a different story. It was 12 or so words long.  

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