Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update Aug 4 PS

Already a PS to my last post.

I worked on a story I hand wrote. And as I did something interesting happened.
It turned into my second alchemist sign of any steampunk though. That actually happened yesterday or the day before and isn't the something from today. But today I may have accidentally ended up with a character for a novel. I sat and thought up an ending for what might be a novel using this guy who is a secondary character in the story I am doing now. A UAL novel.  

I know he likes to dress in clothes with lots of pockets, including a full length leather jacket with hidden pockets inside and out as well as a few visible ones. No staff for this guy though. And I know what type of mini-truck he like sot drive in and what type of even smaller vehicle he has. And he has a very unusual pet. A dog but not quite one.

I decided that I have been wanting to do an alchemist novel---not sure when though. Working on too many other novels at the moment. But I may do another story or three.

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