Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goals this weekend

Labor Day and all that.

I have some chores to do but I want to:

 First: Finish my Q4 story if I haven't and send it to the critters who said they would look it over.

Second: type up three of the mini stories I've hand written the last few weeks, which includes my third general fiction very short story.

Third: start my Q1-13(WotF) story. I think I know which one that will be. A totally new story. I've had the opening in mind for a few months but I wasn't sure about the rest of it. But as I hand wrote out the last three days, I've gotten a tiny bit of a basic idea. I'll see if I can get the rest of it. Actually it started as a story for but I decided to add more emotional angst, more tension and struggle and send it to WotF.

 Fourth: If I have time I will either start the revision of an older story or do a new one. Or spell check and proofread the last six chapters of Two Struggles. Which is still at the critters. I have two crits for chapter one, that's all.

And if I have time I'll send out some stories. But most probably not to F&SF. So my record streak will be broken.

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