Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Letters to the editor

Warning this is a political Post

200 words is hard to do. Some of my sentences are not good for a writer to make but I had to compromise. :)

Here is a link to my latest letter published in the Fresno Bee Sunday, the Fifth of August.


And here is one they didn't publish. I promised it a while back and kept forgetting to post it.

A few comments for the Health care debate: To those people who say their health care was saved. You could have had health care anyway. Something new would have come about. We don’t need a 2,000 plus page monstrosity to help those without insurance. Especially one that gives hundreds of new powers directly to the Security of Health and indirectly to the President. Powers that break the spirit of the Constitution--freedom and restriction on government.
       As to the ruling by the Supreme Court. Chief Justice Roberts is officially half a statist now, he gave the government the power to tax behavior going against the spirit of the Constitution. Those in government now will take advantage of it. We know from experience President Obama and his people do not care for Freedom of Religion nor the Second Amendment especially when it comes to something politically correct.
     One last statement, There is nothing in the Constitution that gives the Government authority to force people to be responsible, to save money or to do what’s smart. Or that only certain people-liberals-can decide what is responsible and right to do. You want to change the Constitution do it the correct way. 

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