Saturday, June 16, 2012

WotF update and dream

I think I mentioned how the death of KD Wentworth messed up things at the contest. The loss of a good friend who, as first reader-editor, was also an inessential part of the contest blew their schedule. Quarter one wasn't finished when she died so the new person and they announced a new reader, had to take up on the last few paper manuscripts. Most or all of the electronic ones had been read her. They are still be decided on. Quarter Two is up in the air. I din't know if the announcement stated the new guy was already reading Q2's stories or not. In either case I'm about to send in Q3's story and know which one I want to send it for Q4.

So I'm one of those still waiting to find out about Q2. Thus the dream in the title.

All this waiting for results must be getting to me because it's time for strange dreams. So there's no misunderstanding I know how the contest works, even though it the dream it seems to operate differently but as I said this was a strange dream.

The night after I received my HM certificate--I say that because it might have inspired the dream--I dreamt I received another brown envelope, this one probably smaller than a paperback book. Inside a note about my Q2 story.  I forget the exact words but the first sentence said something along the lines of "your ending has been used too many times." Second sentence was long and said along the lines of "this will be the last time I include your story in the anthology before I get to the end." Another line followed but I can't recall any of it. It was signed with one name, a first name. A girl's name, Kathy maybe. The letters were very close to each other and I wasn't sure.

My first thought was that  they meant none of my future stories would get in but then I read how it was stated and realized what was being said.

I said to myself.  "Hey, that's not the name of the new guy, is this a prank?"  People online though evidently didn't have any problems with the name. After I showed it to people online I looked it over again and thought "Hey, does the phrasing mean my story was going to get to be in the anthology until they got to the end?"

End of dream.

The reader sends out the best, those after HMs and what are called Silver Honorable Mentions. Then a bunch of long time pro writers decided on semi-finlistes and final the three places. First-Second-Third.
Didn't think of it during the dream but does any of the final judges have the first name of Kathy or something very close to that?  :)

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