Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Update June 6

First: Remember Today!!!  D-Day and all the brave men who took part and planned it. Great going you all.

Now for the update:

I was able to buy those two books, found two more I wanted too. But maybe I can get the others with a coupon. As many as they give out I didn't have any for this past weekend. I finally bought one book on my Nook. I remembered yea. That makes two I need to remember to read when it's their turn.

Q3 of WotF. Three or four people suggested one major change. With that many I decided to think about it. Probably would have to work on it during Vacation and send hit in last moment, if I did it. It would mean doing away with the opening which is the reason for the story. In other words I built the whole story because of that opening.

I may have chapter six of Two Struggles revised by vacation. So that would leave me with five to do during vacation.

And with that challenge at hatrack I have complained about. I was right. out of 14 there war five places, I missed them all. From what people said more than likely I missed sixth, for the matter seventh also.

Best I did was middle again.  Things could change by next year when they do it again but as of right now I won't enter it next time. That story should have been better all around than my previous tries in all the challenges but nope.

So, as of right now no more challenges for me. They do different ones it's only this one that is once a year, but it doesn't matter, no more. Well, except the one I want to do. But it's not worth it, since I don't get better. Some of it can be fun but not enough to always be in last place or close to it.

Of course once I calm down I might feel like it again, depending on the challenge but I've done that before. I don't improve.

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