Sunday, June 17, 2012

Write now

Got to write got to write.  It's been days since I actually wrote. Been revising--which had  a tiny bit of real writing--and it's been too hot to take my laptop to work.

So what I am doing here??? I really don't know, except I want to say I Want To Write.

But then again I have three ideas for new stories and what could be a novel I could work on. I've already started that last.

Extreme Planets anthology rejected my last story but they said they really wanted another from me before June 30th. Unless it was their usual rejection and it was a bit over done for that, they meant it. Problem is even though I have two basic ideas I don't really have an opening or more then the basic idea for either. I might try later.

So now I'm off to do something for a few minutes.

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