Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Update June 26

Okay, vacation is going medium well at the moment. Got chapter eight of Two Struggles revised. Three more to go. I'm adding stuff so the novel will be significantly longer but probably not another 10,000 words though. It could use that many but I will use what I have. :)

BUT while reading "Ravel Calls" the next one in the Walker Papers by C. E. Murphy I decided that something missing. Not enough angst maybe. I may go back over it and add a sentence here and there. I think I need to do that anyway so I can hint at a couple of things that come up at the end.

And the bad guy may not be big enough. I may add a bigger bad guy behind him. That would fit with two scenes I've done. Right now I have it that even though the bad guy doesn't recognize NA-my MC-by sight he knows her car and where she lives and is willing to use half his stored power to take her out. While writing the novel I tried to reconcile those two points but I don't think it's very convincing. Maybe a Power behind him who is responsible for the two attacks instead?

Sent a story to Universe Annex. Revised it three times, it's gotten better but I don't think it's going to be good enough for them even with another two. One writer there got to me. His story was bought with two tries I've had a few stories there with eight to ten tries and nothing. Not even close...well one was close but nothing on the others. So more than likely this is it than off to F&SF. At least it will be in good shape for them. The nitpicks will have been cleaned up by then.

Speaking of sending stories out. I need to send out about ten, maybe later tonight or I will take time off tomorrow to do it. Come to think of maybe eleven.

I am doing some catch up with Critters.org. An online critiquing group. You can send them a story to have critiqued-critted but you have to do a few too. I don't send them any more stories because it never did any good and I had to wait for months. Now they have shortened that time but still it doesn't help my writing. It does for some. Anyway, I still like critting stories there but I keep forgetting and I need to build my percentage back up before ether drop me.

Going to start revising a story for Q4 at WotF. I decided to resend my first HM. Evidently they don't mind that and the new reader hasn't seen it anyway. So I will revise it and send it to two groups at hatrack. One is for redone HMs. There are four other people with the same idea.

That's it for now but I may post a PS after I send in those stores and after I work on the two novels I do at work. One is at the beginning of a fight fifty feet above ground level. It's a real structure and I will take a pic of it and try to post it on the blog. Never done that but supposedly you can.

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