Sunday, April 15, 2012

And yet another update thingie

      Now back to writing:
And an update.
Working on crits for WotF Quarter 3. I’m in a group on hatrack, it’s large enough that they split it in half. One group does the other members stories, than we trade groups for another round of crits.  This round I have four stories to read and crit. Need to get going on them.
The story I sent out is one I started months ago, actually finished it I think. Anyway, as I was revising it I decided that if I added some more struggle it might be good for WotF. I might have explained this already in an earlier post, forget if I posted it here though. In either case the story is Urban Fantasy which WotF may not be that fond of. But I thought I would give it a try with one with struggles in it. Yes plural; a physical confrontation, a chase and an emotional struggle. In fact the emotional one is what I want to be the main one. Don’t know if that comes over.   Writers are suppose to stretch themselves anyway. 
Have a story someone is looking over... I had hoped to send it out today to F&SF but she still has it. She sent a crit but evidently something happened to her comments she has to do them over. It’s the second round. She said the second one was significantly better and she liked it now. So if she gets it back to me tonight or tomorrow I may send i to Lightspeed first. JJA is quick enough I  can get it back by next Saturday so I can send it to F&SF. I hope John Joseph Adams thinks along the same lines she does at least enough for another personal note.
Working on Stone Within. I don’t know all that is about to happen but I feel the same way about the story-- so far-- as I do about New Mage renamed Two Struggles. My best tale. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s just personal tastes, maybe my inner Muse knows something I don’t or maybe God is trying to tell me something. Be nice of that was true. 
But my MC just had  a fight with some fairies of the Tinkle Bell variety, she made friends with the Queen of this tribe or nest. And she discovered a new ability. I may give her one more that goes along with where her powers come from. She inherited them from generations ago.
As I said I am working on Stone Within, I stopped working on two stories. I’m not quite sure about either one. I will probably finish them some day but I don’t think they are going as I wanted them to. I may redo one of them. The other one is darker than I usually do even though I have two other dark stories.
Speaking of New Mage, I finally got over chapter two. I had to take out some more stuff from her background and I have no idea where I can put them in but at least I am going forward. I added to a fight scene and split up the chapter. So now instead of ten there are eleven. I am half way to three fourths of the way through revising chapter three. It’s going quick. I hope the others will too... I am tired of seeing others sending in queries or getting something published or E-publishing something on their own. I have five novels finished I need to get at least one out one way or another. I started the revision of chapter four today. Only eight more chapters to go--including four--unless of course I add enough to add another chapter. 


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