Monday, April 30, 2012

My inspiration

  I wrote this originally for a comment on another blog but I thought it might be of interest of anyone who is following my blog.... Thanks To Those Who Are.

A good majority of my ideas seem to come from pictures. Not all the time though, sometimes it’s; a line of a song, other story-, an idea from a practice session-contest, a scene will just pop into my head or during a discussion about certain plots. The other day I got the beginning of an idea while reading what type of stories a certain market might want. One, a streampunk moon colony, just caught the attention of my muse... that is my inner self that comes up with some of these ideas. 

Sometimes the pictures come from my own mind and I try to writer out what I see. Sometimes it isn't that easy. The other day I got an idea for a steampunk story from various titles of steampunk novels. Clockwork something or another.  That seems to be the newest fad in steampunk titles. 

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