Saturday, April 14, 2012

Not so political

For newcomers. This blog was original going to include a lot of stuff besides writing- thus the name Musings- but it mophed into a writing blog. However I still put in a political post now and then, like I do with religious and/or music posts and/or Real Life posts. And I try to warn if it's not writing.

I sent in a Letter to the editor to my local paper but they didn't print it so I will be posting it along with another comment I wrote. The letters can only be 200 words even though I believe that is not concrete so the letter might sound a bit compressed and/or like something is missing even though it all makes sense.

I will be posting when I find it, that is. Hopefully I didn't delete it. I could have placed it in a different folder than I thought I was putting it in or I titled it something strange and can't remember what. I've done that before. So when I find it I will post it or if I can't I will go with just the second comment I wrote. I could have waited for this post but I wanted to get the first part of it up.

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