Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update thingies part two

I split up this update since it was getting long.

Still no response form WotF Q1. But they had a ceremony thingie tonight and were busy setting it up. Probably this next week. That happened last year at this time.

Taking my time doing this one since the Awards ceremony thingie is on right now. Just saw one of the hatrackers there. My nemesis, from an earlier here post, may have been there. Can't recall her name off hand though. Too late I thought about asking the person I did know there to say hi to her for me if she was there. But than again she probably wasn't come to think of it. Oh well.

Well, I've had two different people say good things about two stories so maybe I'm re-finding my voice. I may have lost it while trying to find the techniques that editors want. I don't know if that is my major problem or not but it couldn't hurt. I referenced them last post.

I forgot to say that I started chapter four of Stone Within. And I may change the title to Set In Stone. I'll see what works better for the tale. I know the ending, pretty much the is, but not so much from where I am to there. She has to meet again with the police officer she met in the first chapter. Maybe start to like him, in that case that should I should add him to this chapter. I really wasn't thinking of romance for my MC even though use is gougious

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