Saturday, February 9, 2013

Seanan McGuire--"Ashes Of Honor"

Started "Ashes Of Honor" by Seanan McGuire 

It's part of the October "Toby" Daye series. UF with a half human half far female MC. She can do some magic and has interesting friends. And always goes through the ringer. 

Very well done--great writing. She's one of my top favorite newer writers. One of two I want to be like.(no, if you have read my last post the other one isn't Gilman as much as I love her writing) I say that every time but it's still true. She just has a turn of phrase and sets up the scenes so well that I can keep reading even when not much is happening. That includes the opening of this book, took a little bit to set up the action but I couldn't put it down. And the opening action scene sets up something else dealing with Toby herself. Not sure if any of the bad guys in it will make a comeback but I wouldn't be surprised. 

Very Highly recommended. Even though I'm not sure about those cover pics. The face of Toby never is quiet right. The rest of it isn't bad though.

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