Sunday, February 10, 2013

Update Feb 10

This will be a short one.

My story for WotF Q2 is done, and being nitpicked. Writing probably needs help but I don't want to spend hours fixing it and I'm working on going along with Dean Wesley Smith's admonition to only look for nitpicks and stupid mistakes.  I do end up with some revising as I go over a story again-I can't help it-but I cut that down.

I have found some stories I forgot I had. Which makes it somewhere around eleven to twenty stories I need to go over again to get them ready to send out--look at the last sentence in the above paragraph--spell check and proofreader check etc.

I found those stories while looking for another one. I just finished a story with a certain MC. It's the third one with him. I'm sure I did a second story but can't find it, it might be hand written on note paper.

Haven't started revising my NaNo novel--I keep letting myself be distracted by short stories.

And that novel does need some revising, I have four chapters I need to plug in somewhere, I need to add certain things earlier in the story that I thought up later. I want to write one more story, finish another and then hopefully just concentrate on the novel. Maybe  two novels.

I have a bunch of stories that I recently finished, I seem to be on an idea binge.

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