Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Update Feb 10 PS

Another short one

Another story is being critted, and my writing is less because I am critting stories for WotF and three that aren't for that. I've sent two back so I have five more to go. Four are shortees and one can wait a week or two.

With the new Wizard of Oz movie I remembered another idea I had a few months ago. So I have two stories to finish and two to do quickly, I hope so I can start that revising.

I do have Q3 for WotF done already so that saves time. I may send it out to one place first though. And I need to get another story ready to send out this weekend. Since Monday is a holiday maybe I can type up one or two stories on paper, most are shorts.

Still working on all five human senses every two pages thing. I do it at times but not always.

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