Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tiny story and some thoughts on tiny stories

     Been working on a special story for the current mini contest at On The Premises. 25 to 50 words with the letter e. Egads. A side issue here, I’m more convinced than ever that these contests are writing lessons more than contests. Anyway, I made it harder on my self by misremembering it was 25 to 50 words. I finally had one with 25 words. But I made it a bit longer after I reread the rules. But as I looked it over I could hear a voice from the contest say it’s not a full story. So I slaved and slaved and now have a 49 word story with no letter e.  Still don’t know if it’s a full story but it’s got to be close esp. with only 49 words. So I will send it in later tonight-- make that Sunday.

But as I saved the second original story. 83 words. It sounds more like a story. Thought I would add a few words and let it be a less than 100 word story. I might try for a couple more. Even thought about making the original 25 word story into a twitter story. If I was able to do that the thought crossed my mind to start a tweet story mag. One per week to anyone who subscribes. Maybe a dollar a week. But I don’t think so, even if I could do that many twit tales it would take too much time.

But maybe a few very short ones I could put in a flipbook if they ever come to the US as they are suppose to.  There’s an earlier post about them but they are the size of a smartphone, except thicker, and flip upward instead of sideways. Maybe a flipbook with a bunch of less than 500 word stories. Most being less than 100.  

Well maybe. :)  

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