Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yet another one And...

Got the latest rejection from Fantasy and Science Fiction. My story couldn't grab him-him being the assistant editor that takes a first look at the stories. He, has three ways if saying no. One which I get the most of course says "The story couldn't grab my interest" but there is one that says "The story couldn't keep my interest", there's a third phrase I can't recall.

Of course most of my stories can't grab his interest I wrote them. I don't if he has one like this but I would love one that says something like.."didn't grab my interest but it almost did, you're doing better." But I have to do better to get something like that.

And I'm reading "Way of the Wizard" an anthology edited by John Joseph Adams a long time story editor. I sent in six to eight stories but none got more than the basic rejection. I'm finding it harder to read the stories than I thought it would be. Especially the second by someone else who has succeeded with the markets I have failed with. That includes Lifepod. An audio market.

Wonder if he has a web site. Most probably and I wonder if he would mind a couple of questions. (shoulder shrug) maybe yes maybe no.

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