Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh So close and ???

Am ever so close to finishing “Storm Born” I mean like half page or less but maybe not. I had been thinking of putting in an extra tiny bit at the end when my MC tries to return a couple of unicorn horns the bad guy was using. I decided an epilogue would be good for that. 

I am almost done with the part I have been saving in my brain for six months, at least, for the end. I’m not quite sure what order it should go in but I guess I will go with whatever order comes out unless I change my mind later.

And I thought I was done with the revision of Bright Lights as I mentioned in an earlier post but I need to send chapt four out to the group that is critiquing it and I found a couple of sentences that needed commas so I went back over it. I’m surprised I hadn’t noticed some other changes it needed. I’m not sure I got all the commas right but we shall see. Hopefully the critiquers will see an improvement but the guy who does one of the best jobs decided to take a break. 

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