Saturday, May 7, 2011

Again more on my writing

I started the last chapter on "Storm Born" In fact I'm sending my MC in to confront the bad guy and to stop him. Not sure everything that will happen but I think I will be finished in two weeks. Unless it gets so hot I decide not to take my laptop to work. But it will be very soon even then.

And they way I am working on just the revision of my "Bright Lights" novel I will be done with that within two weeks also-if I don't play or procrastinate too much it will be sooner.  Then I have to start over again with all of the crits I have received...there's a lot of them of course.

And in the process I have to figure out my chapters. I have split a couple 11,000 plus word chapters up and will probably do two more but I'm afraid the new files have gotten a little confused. I didn't keep track of them as I should have.

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