Sunday, May 22, 2011

My writing time

Just felt like explaining how much time I have to write. And why it takes so long for me to do a story these days.

Currently I have maybe half the time to write as I used to. When I wrote my first novel I had time to work on it, work on short stories and even do a little playing around each day.  But now I barely have time to work on one project at a time, two if I discipline myself. So since I'm working on two novels--actually three but I'm working on that one during lunch and afternoon break at work--my short stories have been sitting and my ideas are still just that.  I do work on one short story during the morning break at work but that's barely enough time. 

I have two unfinished stories waiting on in my WIP file, two other stories that I need to revise, one I need to remake.  That last one was changed stuff added to please some people who critted it--not here--and I decided to redo the original story. I will take out what I added and make that a separate story.  One of those story ideas is one I got from my wife's crafts and will probably be very short maybe flash whenever I get to it.

Recently some of my writing time has been cut back even more, have to do some badly needed yard work, and circumstances have changed to cut two to three hours of my Saturday writing time. 

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