Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simple but isn't

I'm trying to do something that should be easy but isn't.

Valentine's Day is coming and I'm having difficulties sending flowers to my wife. First I think the florist I used last time may have gone out of business because the link I saved didn't work but a night later I figured out my mistake. Today I tried calling a few times at work but just got a busy signal. When I checked back to their web site tonight I saw I had the 800 number without the 800 part. I would use their web page order page but I need the address to where my wife works . I don't have it but its a well known building and they were able to get it there last time I used them but I called them then.
So I need to try calling again with the right number.

And I add that that new phone number didn't pan out either. I tried twice and no one answered the phone either time.

I may go with something else.  I just found this florist and I don't want to change again.  My old one retired and the next one made three to five mistakes in two deliveries and this one was good. 

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