Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dean Wesley Smith- - has been doing a series of posts on e-publishing and how it is changing the publishing business. A short answer is quite a bit and will most probably change the way publishing companies will pick writers. I should say it will eventually add to it since they probably won't drop the traditional method. But some of those changes may take a while to develop even as some are already in the process.

Anyway, all of that means I will need to make a decision do I go the traditional way or the new e-way? There are draw backs and pluses to each choice. One is that the paper method means more books out but the e-way means more money per book sold-a lot more-and eventually it may mean as many books as the traditional method. How long that will take to get to that point no one knows. E-publishing also has less chance of me not getting my money-publishers can go out of business at a moment's notice or have other problems with sending money- and I would get it sooner than a lot of publishers.

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