Saturday, February 19, 2011

Final update on Valentine's Day

Never did get in touch with my florist but since they moved that could be put of the problem but we shall see in August when I try again.

But I decided to go with my first impulse and make a Valentine's Day package for my wife. So I bought her a new blouse--actually two but since it was two for the price of one I only paid for one-a certificate for a chair massage at her favorite Japanese Or is it Chinese massage place. They started out in airports but are now in malls. They have these strange looking chairs with a special round section for your face so you can lean forward as they pound your back and Shoulders. Actually they don't pound :)   And I bought here a teddy bear and a small flower arrangement. Everything but the flowers were in a gift bag with pink tissue paper. I placed the flowers in her car that morning with a card.

So it was successful.

Oh I wanted to get a red heart shirt but after going to three different stores I couldn't find any. Macy's had some but I was on a time schedule and they were on the other side of town so I bought her favorite color instead. And the second blouse I got for free was actually the better choice.

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