Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good News on word count

On Bright Lights, my Nano novel, I am now just a tiny bit below 80,000. Since I have just started redoing the third chapter I believe I will not only make 84,000 but it looks like 90,000 which is better.

My "Storm Born" novel though is still iffy. I am working on the third to the last chapter and have 65,000 words. That means I will need at least 19,000 more words. I don't know.

The third novel, "New Mage On The Block" I am working on is iffy too. I'm not even half way through but it looks like I will be quite a bit below 84,000 words. That can change of course.  Right now my MC has been drugged with something that includes witch hazel a plant that can negate her ability but I need to figure out how to get her into an alley before she realizes she is drugged.

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