Sunday, January 16, 2011

Next weekend

Won't be doing much writing next weekend. Going to the coast with my wife, a small city named Pismo beach for those non Calif.. Beautiful beach even though it has the usual tourist traps. But Our Church.  Valley Christian Center is having it's yearly Marriage retreat. This year there won't be as many meetings but we are still staying for two nights.  No Sunday morning breakfast at the neat restaurant either. That one I will miss at least.

But it's still worth going to.  :)

We weren't able to go last year because the church didn't have the retreat out of town, and because of my Mother-In-Law, I wrote a couple of blogs venting on that. She still doesn't understand why we want to go again. And seems to still think we're going to spend as much money as a real vacation but she will babysit our daughter this year.

I'm tempted to take the laptop in case there is a time while my wife watches a bit of TV in the evening as we have done in the past.

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