Saturday, January 15, 2011

More stuff

I really need to update this more often. Whoever is reading this send a note to remind me :)

Just kidding.

Anyway, Reading Cook's latest Garrett novel as I believe I have stated. I am taking my time, reading another book at the same time, since it will be a while before the next one comes out.  For a while it seemed to be okay.  I think I posted here that I wondered if this one was Ghost Written. Just by the way it started...very short chapters and some of it didn't seem like Cook but most of it does seem like him. Except for this point. I don't want to say too much but Garrett makes one comment about his girl friends sanity-she may actually be a slightly crazy- which is okay but than what seems to me out of the blue he comes out with something else that makes it a whole lot worse.  I went huh where did that come from?  Again this doesn't seem like Cook but he could have been in a hurry or gotten lazy while writing this one.

My Nano novel is up 76,000 words. I am about to send the first chapter to chapter exchange group made up of Hatrack people. Hatrack is a writers forum connected with Intergalactic Medicine Show. Orsen Scott Card's online mag. And I will be going over the other chapters adding a couple conversations, descriptions, changing things etc..

I just finished over an hour of deciding what stories to send out where. I haven't sent any out in months. Shame on me.  But now I have 13 stories decided on. A couple of new markets like basement stories in that list but older ones like Analog and Asimov's is missing. I have only one to send them and that one is out at Writer's Of The Future contest. Well, I do have another but it needs to be cleaned up.

A couple of other things I will add later.

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