Sunday, January 2, 2011


  Every year for the last few I've put up two calendars near my computer. One is of Eagles...not the band, not the well as one called Star Trek: Ships Of The Line.   The second one is obviously is of starships, even though they sneak a shuttle in there every so often.  And not just the various Enterprises but some that have a secondary character or never used at all.

This has been going on for around five years. The first one has a great shot of Voyager flying through a lightning storm right above an ocean.  Besides the fact that there's a reason I have something for Voyager, which you can find out about on the side, I have a scene just like it in my first novel. Of course it's not Voyager or any other Star Trek ship but still it's amazing how similar the two scenes are.

There's even a book out with, I think, the first three years of pics and a half page story that goes with each pic.  I would have loved to do those half page descriptions.

So now to what I want to say, I wish they would have a calendar like that for SF over all.  I would love one with a month with David Weber's Honer Harrington ships. Of course all the ships look pretty much the same in that universe.  But there could be one from David Drake's Lt. Leary series, maybe from R.M. Meluch's Merrimack series. I'm sure they could find another nine.

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