Monday, July 28, 2014

My Turn---Above My Pay GradeX2

Some of you will have seen this announcement already, but I add something here and some readers will not have seen it.

First:  The tale is Urban Fantasy and deals with someone who has some skill in manipulating matter and energy.

Second: My E-novel--the one I have talked about for over two years--is now listed on and Barnes and Noble web site.  Plus a few other places. It is a pre-order and will be listed on other sites as it becomes live  Aug 18.   On the B&N site however no cover pic of yet even though you can pre-order it.

 The novel has had two other titles during the time I have talked about it. First was "New Mage On The Block". I started with that one thinking my MC would be a new member of a group of Mages, but it didn't quite work out that way as I wrote it.  Next title "Two Struggles" dealt with the fact that my MC-  NA by name-has two different battles to fight throughout the novel. One is the bad guy and his traps and the other was inside her--in her heart dealing with much of her emotional baggage.

Third:   So here is the shorter blurb from Smashwords to explain more about the story.

My name is NA. I can change matter and energy; so far I've used it to help fight mythical creatures and help women escape from their abusers. Now I find myself in a situation totally above my pay grade. Someone had the bright idea I could stop a very bad event from happening--after I survive a mother grizzly, a griffin, a nest of ghosts, deadly plants, a man wanting revenge, and inner conflicts.

Here is the its page on 

Here is the page on BN.

At the same time I redid the covers for my two story sets and cleaned the stories some. 

Fantasy set

SF set  

Here is a pic of "Above My Pay GradeX2"


  1. I love your blurb. I stumbled on the change of tenses, but understand that awkwardness as your main character anticipates the upcoming events, and overcomes the "bright idea." I especially enjoy the last 2 words. Brilliant!

    I'm looking forward to reading your #SaturdayScenes at Google+

  2. Thank you. My editor did have to correct some tense changes--hopefully she got them all--in the novel. But talking First Person about coming events can be, as you say, a bit awkward.


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